Avatar cheekythegnome

Eleanor and the Magic Crystal ball :-)xxx.

Hello friends!

Thank you for all of the flashes for my last picture, I have so much fun making these! Love to you all! :-)xxx.

Olá amigos!

Obrigado por todos os flashes para a minha última foto, eu nos divertimos muito fazendo estes! Amor para todos vocês! :-) xxx.

Hola amigos!

Gracias por tu todos los flashes que para mi última foto, me divierto mucho haciendo estos! El amor para todos ustedes! :-) xxx.

Muneca Doll Babydoll Love Modelo Princess Moda Fashion Amor Funny Fairytale Fragrance Ribbons Bows

On November 27 2014 at Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 1101 Views

Digital camera : SONY / Cyber-Shot

Avatar aaronamyx

Aaronamyx On 15/12/2014

Hiyah Gorgeous! Hows your weather over there now. ? . I'
have to goe to beddy bye now. I am on some medicine due to some kind of exposure out in the west desert yesterday. I think some of those bomb tests done out here back in the 1940's may have putt laughing gas in the air pockets trapped on and in certain areas. A girl I'ma big brother to was with me but she stayed in my vehicle when I stepped out a few times in some cold icy winds. Her mind is like a 12 year old aqnd she is actully 24 years old. And she has no one safe to hang around. But she dd get me some attn. the wrong way w/her mouth that will cause sme of her friends to get sued shortly. It's a shame her parents ddn't teach her better manners or how to regulate what she picks up from friends. Everyone of those email adreses and sites i'm part of my lawyers are with same passwords for my own protection (on what I say and what otherssay in response). Only for reaqsonable doubt and safety measures. Plus the pro-bonos are watching too. -good nite sweetie.

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 04/12/2014

"I know an Eleanor here in Utah" ;o)

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 04/12/2014

Be careful not to drop that crystal ball. ....I might still be inside of it -scuba diving to find live sharks to take home and put in your aquarium with all the hundreds of lace rock I sold on ebay from 2001 to 2009 as golfyx and with help of Dale my dubious-brother from an Alien Weirdy other Monster-Mother through golfrmyx <;o)=

"I'm sure the other lace rock collectors wouldn't mind sending them back after they soon realize who sold all of it from Delta, Utah"

{I even photographed and saved every piece and picture of each sculpture I sold there}. LOL"

Avatar createyourdream

Createyourdream On 27/11/2014

excuse!! ~.~
fotolog was once again in trouble again ¬¬*******
I hope you have not deleted a comment or you're (since deleted some of my other)

ah! lack soon! rs ^^

was originally only in the Northeast it was drier, but in recent years other regions are getting pretty dry also ~.~

is not very different from politicians here (it's easiest ones here are still MUCH worse than then) ¬¬

they do not care first because they have money and second because they do not estaram more alive when things get really bad ¬¬

bye! ^^/

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