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En retrospectiva y avanzando

a veces son tal la cantidad de ideas, de barreras,
de excusas a la vez que opciones...
y el tiempo pasa y no vuelve

AUDIO: Silversun Pickups

♩...The Royal We...♪

We are ready for the siege.
We are armed up to the teeth.
Be careful how you live and breathe.
Relief was spoken underneath.

How many times do you want to die?
How many ways do you want to die?
Do you feel safe again? Look over your shoulder.
Very carefully look over your shoulder.

We can laugh about it now,
But we hope everything works out.
Be careful how you lick your wounds.
Believe that change is coming soon.
You used to do a little, but a little won't fly
Right before you hit your prime.
That's when we fell in love another first time.



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