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Step 1 Hover over data items to display detailed information.

ZoomCharts’ Area time charts are being used to enhance data visualization in a variety of educational fields, including science and mathematics, such as anatomy, biochemistry, ecology, microbiology, nutrition, neuroscience, physiology, zoology, chemical engineering, geochemistry, molecular biology, geology, paleontology, physics, astronomy, algebra, computer science, geometry, logic, and statistics, and the arts such as, music, dance, theatre, film, animation, architecture, applied arts, photography, graphic design, interior design, and mixed media.

- Instead of colored lines, display data using entire colored areas
- Colored areas help to clearly distinguish information
- Vibrant areas heighten the user’s visual experience

Check out ZoomCharts products:

Network Chart
Big network exploration
Explore linked data sets. Highlight relevant data with dynamic filters and visual styles. Incremental data loading. Exploration with focus nodes.

Time Chart
Time navigation and exploration tool
Browse activity logs, select time ranges. Multiple data series and value axes. Switch between time units.

Pie Chart
Amazingly intuitive hierarchical data exploration
Get quick overview of your data and drill down when necessary. All in a single easy to use chart.

Facet Chart
Scrollable bar chart with drill-down
Compare values side by side and provide easy access to the long tail.

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