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Hanna Montanna Free Handed by Aaron Amoxenyte Amyx

From a clip of her new video release I put together this piece, within seven minutes. Using my own secret method; digital fire painting.

miley cyrus aaron a amyx free style free hand artwork foto photo art hair decor abstract amoxenyte tiggar's magic & com coral amoxenyte coral

On June 20 2013 at United States 1 Views

Avatar reddauug

Reddauug On 21/06/2013

I had to see one of her first videos when I saw the gal in the left - looking like someone that once hung around my hometown. So I froze the film and took this shot and added a smoking hot boat motor grill. Originally two fellows are to the right. Tho pic of them came in weak.... so its not the best for showing faces. -fulgurite man

Avatar anormaldancer

Anormaldancer On 20/06/2013

nice art you've got here! I like it

Avatar reddauug

Reddauug On 20/06/2013

I also see videos, music, and artwork that isn't yet-already here. Even hear music that u crazy humans will never get to hear unless we can figure out away to make the exraterrestrial instruments I can hear too. <3<3<3

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