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Found the Unbelieviable! Alien Mother's Head by Mother Nature

by an area preserved by nature and buried in a beach filled with a strong amount of other timbers and driftwood. All together, seven other unique and natural pieces were found. Amazing what Utah offers.'' Over 20'' in length. All those that would like to adventure with me this summer is more than welcome. ;o)

I know where treasures are that the world would want to sink more than their teeth in!

''Don't Believe Me?'' Just ask most folk that lives in and around me in my hometown.

Was offered on eBay several times during the era of depression since it hit the U.S. but I never gotten one looker there. So I gave up. "I started the bid low and had a hidden reserve on it." Meaning, bidder had to match reserve price or go over to win it.

photograph color pink coral driftwoodbark tree mother mother nature beach model decor decoration fulgurite man foto style amor different driftwood art natural artwork natural wild thing natural art creative motherearth news starved artist

On February 09 2014 at Tennessee, United States 10 Views

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Reddauug On 09/02/2014

I'm looking for a best offer! -and if I don't get much I may not be able to afford to stay on the net much longer. to many people want me to just give them everything for free and the largest denominational group in my town acts the same way. hell,,,... I don't think they understand how we keep the oxygen flowing even around the globe. so if they don't want to support an outsider that has been living here in Utah for over thirty years.... then they don't need any help from me. the only way to sell a thing around this State is in a ridiculous way! I went to the museum of Springville in the beginning and all they want was just my money.

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