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Courtship Scene Between Man and Boy

Attic red-figure cup by Makron, c. 490–480 B.C. Berlin, Antikensammlung, F2291.

Decoration Description:

Interior: man and boy. The boy, standing on the left, is wrapped in a mantle. One hand is on his hip, while in the other he holds the end of a red string which is attached to a hare running away on the right. The bearded man leans on a staff, holding it with both hands. He wears a mantle draped to leave his chest free. An inscription identifies the boy as Hippodamas, a figure praised by both Makron and Douris.


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Ancient Greece Antigua Grecia Grèce antique Antikes Griechenland Древняя Греция history historia historie geschichte art arte kunst greek griego grec griechische pottery ceramic painting cerámica pintura poterie céramique peinture keramik vasenmalerei red-figure figuras rojas figures rouges rotfigurige cup vase copa vaso coupe man hombre homme mann boy muchacho garçon knabe teenager adolescente adolescent jugendlicher Hippodamas Hipodamas erastes éraste eromenos erómeno éromène hare liebre lièvre hase love gift regalo obsequio amor cadeau amour liebesgeschenk pederasty pederastia pédérastie päderastie courtship cortejo cour werbung homoerotic homoerótico homoérotique homoerotisch gayhomosexuality homosexualidad homosexualité homosexualität Makron Macrón c. 490–480 B.C. Attica Ática Attique Attika Berlin antiquities collection colección antigüedades clásicas antique Antikensammlung F2291

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