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Extraterrestrial Coral Art - July Fish Sculpted with string and:

rainbow magma.

July Fish #0002 with stringy algae and fire paint Corals

Depth - 1.2'' x height 7'' x 10'' - Still Amazing after I created many and sold oodles of them like this to a restaurant owner named Ted Harris.

He enjoyed traveling to world to exploring and seeing many unusual and uncanny things until he looked upon my artwork and realized there is more in his hometown than he imagined ever before.

Many of his friends and many tourists have seen some of my artwork as they traveled through my hometown Delta of Utah. And due to rock hounds and fossil collectors I get way more attention here than through any of my travels of my own.

style stringy string string magma stringy coral fire paint rainbow magma button kid'z fun exciting tremeduos oddity fire and knife art party a saurus brasil coast coast to coast wrecklass warsaw nomad fisk sculpture fourth of july fish 4th of July Fish Ted Harris El Rancho Cafe Rancher Hotel Rancher Sheep Herders Desert Sheep Desert Sheep Herders new art

On October 19 2014 at Mississippi, United States 289 Views

Avatar 2da_topica

2da_topica On 20/10/2014

Buena semana!

Avatar mar_deti

Mar_deti On 20/10/2014

hello how are you

Avatar amoxenyte

amoxenyte On 02/01/2015

~mallo blue~ marsh mellow goo. ;O'0

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