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Look! I caught a fish out of a white bowl swirling around fast.

But I didn't think it would take me down with it! Then bring me back up to find myself in a different predicament.

A boyfriend said he could use me for an inflatable. ''I'm not sure I know what that means.''

But I know I could enjoy a salad bowl and some refreshing white wine, a few arms, fingers, legs, and some red knuckles the next time I see him.

booze or loose ate moose or chocolate goose or pie ala mode or fly i must be a sleep already there bear cheapbear beer quiz-with-whiz cheers awaken wake-up call no! -don't call'' i need to rest phone phones ringing ringing is way wrong always text to wake to wake me up that way i hear nothing! okay? girls x-ray x-ray goggles vision of open pigeon pigeon market feather basket basket case masket case masking tape tape ball plastic plaster play stick joy pad fad fod fud fudge cookies fun funny funny quotes funny quips quips short quips laughter smile black rock lolita lace photo foto brasil head-off knee pad sore butt cigar rescue before after onwards forward gone

On March 17 2014 at United States 1 Views

Avatar drawing_aloud

Drawing_aloud On 05/06/2014

really love your stuff

Avatar aaronamyx

aaronamyx On 05/06/2014

you have some neat stuff too ;o)

Avatar drawing_aloud

drawing_aloud On 05/06/2014

dirtied by imagination can be better, to me :)

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