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Look! I caught a fish out of a white bowl swirling around fast.

But I didn't think it would take me down with it! Then bring me back up to find myself in a different predicament.

A boyfriend said he could use me for an inflatable. ''I'm not sure I know what that means.''

But I know I could enjoy a salad bowl and some refreshing white wine, a few arms, fingers, legs, and some red knuckles the next time I see him.

On March 17 2014 at United States 377 Views

Avatar drawing_aloud

Drawing_aloud On 05/06/2014

really love your stuff

Avatar aaronamyx

aaronamyx On 05/06/2014

you have some neat stuff too ;o)

Avatar drawing_aloud

drawing_aloud On 05/06/2014

dirtied by imagination can be better, to me :)

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    Fotolog creado para plasmar toda la onda retro, estilo vintage, ya sea en moda y música, pero sólo de los años 80!

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    AIRES DE FIESTA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,al son de la música.(ACTUAL Y RETRO ).

    The Original Charleston

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