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Genie's Prom Dress Portriatism Unmasked & Kids Taken Away ?

Last time I saw her. She was doing something that most women in my town would frown upon.

Being mostly Indian and not doing to well with her "upstairs" her hubby seems to be to controlling and maybe not giving in more to her wants.

She was in a "hit and run" accident many years ago where the driver's car hit her dead-on and threw her onto the pavement at fifty feet away. So I know she will always be more vulnerable to outsiders that he isn't going to allow her much outside to play alone for to long.

"I feel she enjoys living in her tomb do to his wants and dislikes better than being a subject for other abuse. {Two Years Ago} Her only children were taken from her and sold for a bundle and I heard she isn't allowed to see and talk to them ever again. "Why is my Question? "I've even heard children can sometimes be their parents savior. But apparently "NOT" to some folks in this town.

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