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I work out in hear about it have to be really

that I work out in hear about it have to be really weird hours and there aren't that many gyms in thearea called me from James but on the workhouses time he asks my schedules kind of crazy right now I don't have that much time to you there should be no way for me taken you take entire day for a week ago she stuff engine but I'd US instructional videos and stuff shot I see area Denmark official stuff to getting Mary it's on the list it will get done soon just you know a lot going on washing someone's right now washing

Bookings website so anyways you know as you can see this is my office us for our sins there you know that I’m in Florida it's nice outside 66 for right now sun's going down type ninety degrees outside 100 percent maybe anyway so in this podcast to talk about a couple things I'm talk a lot about my car when I le as well official talk a lot about that um going to be talking about only go over acouple questions that people vast on log and that I said our dress and the first part castl.


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Cargege On 26/11/2014

"Quando a gente ama, nao há nada que nos faça desistir. A saudade machuca, na ansiedade passamos noites sem dormir, e a esperança que ainda existe em nosso peito, é o único motivo que nos faz sorrir."
Por Fernando Gomez




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