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Createyourdream On 28/09/2014

hi!! ^^/
how are you !!
you disappeared rsrs
all right? ^^

and even more coming later in the year, the amount of work only gets worse right?
true! is not fair, but do WHAT? ^^

rsrs Green is hard to see, never actually saw a green ipe, but any green flower is hard to find with this color

Not at all! ^^

I can not sleep for 10 hours straight! rs
perhaps for 8 hours at night and for another 2 hours later ;p rs

do not read in bed ^^'
I even like to read sometimes, but not before bed, I would not be able to concentrate on reading rs ^^'
and also, even though I like it, would not let ^^'
I have no lampshade in my room rs

also here ~.~
last week reached 38 °C ~.~

ok! ^^
I will want to see rsrs ^^

ok, take care
good day! ^^/

note: this beautiful flower! *w*
what is the name?

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  • circulo__anime



    El grupo es para subir para los fans del anime japones de todo
    tipo , manga .
    en resumen todo tipo de fotos de anime japones.
    y cosplay. y
    dibujos animados tambien de todo tipo y otras tendencias urbanas
    de la moda.

    Si hos gustan los juegos de todo ,tambien se pueden subir, antiguos,consolas,etc.


  • animesymangas


    Buenas monto este grupo para q los aficionados al manga o al anime puedan subir sus fotos espero les agrade el grupo y se una mucha gente y suban muchas fotos y nada ya veremos como va la cosa hasta luego

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