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Hypnotic Wind Falls - Thanks to Iris Glenn & Jody Foster

ebay -2000 - 2005- through "golfyx" before my new site amoxenyte had to be reformed due to illegal acts by ebay staff in 2005 on July 4th.

And can you guess what happen to me again from July 3rd to July 11th of 2014!

[After movie was finished being filmed for - Contact - The Glenn's & Jodie would purchase an audiotape story of mine -talking about the true horrors of hypnosis. "How Great and Powerful Hypnosis can actually be!

July 4th 1994 soon new me new & different- -newer stories- hollywood steals- -from me proof! comes! movie contact jody foster cary grant psuedokane3_5 directors cut possing for lateral bell hat jell-o ni fe fur cute center for aristercraft

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Pseudokane3_5 On 23/08/2014

"Illegal acts": this expression sounds so unfair to me!

But, answering what you ask previously, the picture that I posted before is an image of Marco Ferreri's LA DONNA SCIMMIA (1963), a very sad and funny movie.


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amoxenyte On 23/08/2014

it sounds like it. -a 1963- I didn't know earth had invented ice cream and tv yet. ''where's the popcorn. ''that's an idea!" popped-cream. ;o) Although ice cream and corn mixed maybe awful but corn chex and corn flakes due exist possibly today. If I go back maybe 300 years from my birthday in 4011 Ahhh-time / Split Day-Month -I may find out if that maybe be true. We'll look into mother earthling creature.

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