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Button Kid'z Dress

After the production of Galaxy Meteorite materials and put all together for me, many photographs would be taken of every piece I made of the very best pieces. Then after loading thousands of photos onto a cd I begin to sell each cd with an additional photo or photos of the GM I sold.

During the process of selling them on the net. I would have a man show me in a small office of a business he owned. How to use my art to draw and create with. Using a digital paintbrush I would realize their is another way to make and fuse to melding my photo works in ways that would be so unique that I could make beautiful lettering for advertising and I would contact many huge firms, to realizing I will not be able to advertise through many well-known businesses w/o a different approach. So I decided to advertise my works a whole different way. (a) Look for (b) for more text.

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