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Just threw my fishing line in when I heard - ""KER-SPLOOSH""

I LOOK UP AND SEE THE FAIRY-SPRITE SPECIAL VIEWING SITE for a look over some friends when they are alone, awake, or, a sleep and "await- -ing" the special day viewing of a fisher man standing on a muddy shoreline for a bank and with a straight up wall of clay at ten feet high behind him and for a long way both ways.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl-SLAP & a RAP around the old snouser with my long skinny and wide tongue -"Just saying hi" to a wonderful and delightfully friend-dishly meaty pie, sweet potato dinner with corn bread, an eagle talon for a tooth-pick and a cold wet drink after he's kicking and squirming to get deep inside me all at the same time.

YES! It's an alligator's sleeping den quarters "on an outer sandy and clay bank" next to a Millard County Sevier River refuge close to my hometown (without a peep knowing about it or of whom threw them at two adults to three siblings in) and area where weather conditions can be not only chilling around these parts, but for November 7th (here in year 2014) and caught off-guard by just little me by myself and my fishing pole, and my line was in the water when I heard a "ker-sploosh" and caused me to look across the river to the opposite side. [-:-Photograph also taken by me with a tiny pocket camera from a shirt pocket and I'm also very alone up to eleven miles north of any other living human soul. -:-]

tag face cute stringy jungle kent's weird strange awful different foto of the day sort! killer looks fightsy trials fishing hole blues and no glue or a gun of any sort Alligators in Utah Utah alone with pocket pcket camera camera photograph swamp-not river in Utah yes and no mesquito spray or gater spray eirther fun friend friends funny and i'm still alive atleast until i sew my legs back on after i remove them from gators bellies right?!! carp bass squid ate trilobite trilobite fossil squid fossil also found nearby fulgurite fulgurite man brasil emo modelo amor hair black black as night just inside belly looking for my pair of live legs girls sexy fun or dangerous spook or been eaten..? galaxy meteorite fire ball geode black rock utah millard county delta hometown river party tail slide-in's gator den gator quarters

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