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Soul Searching Is A Smooth Jazz Album From Mitchell Coleman Jr.

Mitchell Coleman Jr. did some smooth jazz “Soul Searching” for his first solo album, of the same name, released late last year. He collaborated with Deron Johnsson, Miles Davis’ former keyboardist, and veteran Motown Producer Michael B. Sutton who produced several tracks on the album. “Soul Searching” is oh so smooth; guaranteed to make your taste buds sizzle with some delicious funk fusion! His album is “Reese's Pieces mix of peanut butter and chocolate” that is a “mix of FUNK and JAZZ” that is “just as TASTY” as it is refreshingly groovy. Taste it here for yourself on Amazon at: http://bit.ly/Amazon-SoulSearching.

When he is not creating the smooth jazz grove that seeps into your soul, Mitchell Coleman Jr. builds classic cars and practices martial arts. His sense of humor paired with his creative energy and his lifelong dream of creating the music he hears in his heart and feels in his soul – and sharing it with the world is fulfilled in his new album.

Check out his website for more details at www.MitchellColemanJr.com and follow Mitchell Coleman Jr on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/MitchOnTheBass and Facebook at: http://bit.ly/MitchellColemanJr.

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