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Amoxenyte Fish Aquarium Wall - It sold on eBay by Golfyx

My first site was under "golfyx" on ebay back before the newer gender took over ebay to ruin a lot of everyone's sales for eBay's final days until its doom.

I was selling "amoxenyte (imitational) corals" long before I changed the name to use as a collectible choice for others that may had wanted to collect them differently. But I made a horrible mistake in changing its name and it costs me darely at first. But then I realized I would catch onto something that others weren't aware of.

"Perhaps - if you were to see a copy of my last few years of purchasers addresses! Quickly you would notice something very vulgar and very strange. That would probably throw you to believing that someone who runs ebay "MUST" be blocking a lot of certain collectors from seeing my items up for sale.

Because some special friends have noticed them and know it must be true as adamant and wrong.


2005 2013 2014 2015 AMOXENYTE aquarium wall avril avril lavigne bangerz_ caves coral coral imitation ebay cares no-way ebay sales ebay vs golfyx ebay wronged me fish caves golfyx golfyx shutdown 7-4- golfyx stories me miley cyrus my my sales vulnerable pseudokane3_5 reddauug special addresses to make sales tough enough vulnerable vulnerable blocking

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