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Famed Utahan Discovery back in 1996 to many Sales on eBay

But be warned - receiving attention like I did slows your sales down tremendously. I never wanted strong attention because I don't like anyone pointing a camera my way. That's why you cannot find my true looks anywhere on the internet.

However, ebay staff in the hundreds cannot be watched every minute individually and they tend to mess with sellers like myself. I heard that even buyers are attacked in various ways too. But that is due to individuals having similar names to movie stars or a lot of spending power.

Anyways I discovered Utah's first fulgurite in 1996 and have been just selling them in catchy ways to help bring in more sells for myself, so competition or slower sales doesn't effect myself keeping extra income coming in. If I don't keep selling I am afraid I'll get to bored and turn into a, wooden desert post, where birds may find me "more attractive" another way. [However, sitting to long has been effecting me for a few months now, while fixing up images and downloading them. So I know I will have to find another way shortly to get away from these sales this way.]

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    Este es un grupo fotolog creado hace 2 años aproximadamente dedicado al Scream & sus derivados , mi nombre es Paulinna , pero mas conocida como Puly soy de Calama,Chile
    cualquier cosa [email protected] :)

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    Group fotolog, please post photos of cameras, new or old. Any picture that shows more than the camera itself WILL BE deleted.Please DO NOT post pictures that are NOT YOURS or that are COPYRIGHTED, they will be DELETED.( ex: pictures that you got at the manufactor`s sites, stores, test sites,etc ). Photos posted with intention of purchase and/or sell will be extinguished. /cameras DO NOT accepted this type of transaction. Post it in a site like eBay, Mercado Livre, etc

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