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after re-buiding this structure between town and power plant

for over six times due to strong winds blowing it over.

After allowing it to lay over on its side for many months to a year or so at a time, our tests was complete for this area. with over 500-900 individuals driving bye daily.

Not one person would ever stop and visit with me for over a test period of over eighteen years to offer one hand. either they are "busy bodies" and have no time to visit a new stranger living here or damn right "1000% all wrong in the head" because they all are not wanting to know what we're going to do to them after the tests are complete or they figured "someone out of that visiting line" already paid me a visit.

The only ones from my local town "came to visit me" were tax collectors - wanting to only shake my hand- look over my place-to tell me it looks like trash-and-then drove away. IF THIS MESSAGE IS EVER BLOCKED - YOU WILL NOT WANT TO KNOW HOW OUR BOSS WILL TREAT YOU NEXT -EARTHLINGS!

{Although we did manage to find one courageous Mormon fellow named Caspiere} to help rebuild the dragon that stood last at 25' tall by 45' long by 8' wide. Until the winds (eight months later) rocked it back and forth for fifteen minutes until it collapsed for good. {Shortly after, we were given a sign not to rebuild.}

wooden spool dragon spool & palet dragon by fulgurite man- -Aaron A Amyx foto also by AAA foto art hispanic mormon mormon

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Mar_deti On 25/06/2014



To come to my door
an angel without warning.
I left it open
so he can get.

Where there was war before
Now there is only peace.
Although sometimes I do not understand
has shown me what love is.

A drying my sadness
to give way to happiness.
It has been sitting on my desk
feeding on sincerity.

This angel has come
to be an illusion.
For me it's a gift,
a blessing from God.

I offer my friendship to change
the angel do not deserve.
But if the destination has sent
I have no choice but to accept it.

If one day this
decides he must go.
I hope at least leave
etched in my joy.

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Cheekythegnome On 23/06/2014

Very creative! I knew there were dragons out there somewhere! :-)xxx.
Thank you for the flash and your lovely message! :-)xxx.

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Ewolman On 22/06/2014


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