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gEODe pLANEt - Welcome to antelopE Springs of Utah - Signed

Using my best imagination I just had to do something I wanted to see and see how it looked from dream to screen on a page.

After I was finished.... I added other ideas and took away new and added various other objects.

Shortly I will be using fotolog names of actual people I have met recently and in past and of names from my fb under my original name - aaron a amyx -

To see more of my crazy works! Please checkout my other pages. Gracious (Thank You)..... ;o)

-reddauug - aaronaamyx - aaronamyx - amoxenyte

Art foto pink black hat France Style photo magic dream imagination my me 2014 2013 2012 quick witted girls panorama camera photograph art awakening along side came left on road pool of water in swim planet swimsuit geode Utah Dugway Rope swing Bird House Ropeswing nylon canvas canvas work of art artwork different exhausting wild natural nature planetary moon stars earth bell sally roger bonnie smith terri-debbi-bruce father haus carl v smith ruins Apache Teardrop friends felicidad amoxenyte micolab laboratory ruthless nuttz nuts squirrel joe camel joe anuthare mary diane sqwate

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