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En retrospectiva y avanzando

y siguiendo hacia adelante,
aunque cuesta, y detenerse no es opción.
Aparte, retroceder no se puede
y no sería buena opción

la foto es similar a una que ya subí hace tiempo

AUDIO: Melanie C

♩...Weak ...♪
Every single morning I wake up and there's a moment of bliss
Then I remember, I get up and I get on with what I chose but oh how I wish,
We could go back in time
And find the part we lost
Go back to where we started off
Every single morning I wake up

And I've been waiting, right here, for things to get better
And I've been patient, trying to figure this out
Everyone else is saying, what don't kill you makes you stronger
So why do I feel so weak, so weak, so weak



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