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On the campus of Cumberland County College, Vineland, N.J. :-)

On May 06 2014 at New Jersey, United States 10 Views

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Gertrudsdottir On 17/05/2014

Hi, Harry - re your query: at first we (Mr. Hoeba, who is in the corner of the photo, and myself) were dumbfounded ourselves, but upon seeing animal hairs in the surrounding branches, we've concluded it must be a licking stone hung there for the cows that roam these moorlands in order to keep the new growths short. Without them, the place would turn into a dense forest. There's no such thing as "wild" or "real" nature to be found anywhere in the Netherlands, but the manipulated or controlled nature we do have is pleasant enough to wander in.

These are some splendid colours you've captured here!

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hsjrsafety On 21/05/2014

Laura, thanks for the great explanation. This sounds like a very interesting area. Of course we also in the USA have some of the same situations with natural area's although we still have plenty of the real stuff. The natural area's are shrinking more and more though.

Thanks for the comments on my Tulip photo's; I couldn't resist. They were planted at the local community college where I take classes. I was signing up that day for my next class. I hope all is well with you all across the pond. Take care.


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Cecile2006 On 15/05/2014

Beautiful colours !

Avatar hsjrsafety

hsjrsafety On 21/05/2014

Thanks for your comments. I hope all is well!

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