Avatar hsjrsafety

Fortescue, N.J.

House in need of painting on the Eastern Shore of the Delaware Bay in New Jersey!

On April 12 2014 at New Jersey, United States 12 Views

Avatar staceyanderson6

Staceyanderson6 On 22/04/2014

Hi HJR, Your photo's are fabulous, I have revisited fotolog after a long time.. I have uploaded a photo to my account but it seems like it's starting a new account and not adding to my old account.. do you have any advice... thanks.

Avatar hsjrsafety

hsjrsafety On 06/05/2014

Please see my comments on both of your pages! :-)

Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 20/04/2014

You are a master of understatement, Harry! In need of painting indeed ! I see you are enjoying the Shore. Good on ya. --Paul

Avatar hsjrsafety

hsjrsafety On 06/05/2014

Paul, yes the weather is becoming nice in this area. I hope all is well with you.


Avatar cecile2006

Cecile2006 On 14/04/2014

An interesting photo...

Re: I am well, thank you. I hope you are fine too. Look at the first comment - it's my own message - on this same page. I put a link for more informations... But, to answer your questions : I took this photo in a village called "Cluis", located in the center of France, On this photo, you can see the ruins of a fortresss. Take a look on the website indicated. I hope you will understand what I have written in English. ;-)

Have a nice day too.

Avatar kay_und_wolf

Kay_und_wolf On 14/04/2014

Very nice house :-)

Avatar hsjrsafety

hsjrsafety On 14/04/2014

It is on the beach! :-)

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