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Green Lake, Fall 2013

On November 20 2013 at Washington, United States 12 Views

Digital camera : Apple / iPhone

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 29/11/2013

a pastoral about to morph into the more wintry kind

thank you for the several observations on my pages

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 27/11/2013

those yellow and orange, so beautiful!
i hope taht youa re well, i am... i love this season, when the first snow come and fall is in full swing...

Avatar felih_xd

Felih_xd On 21/11/2013

Buenas mañanitas!!
como estas ? espero que bien!!
siempre soñado lo que escribes!! merecido FLASH!!
nunca dejas de sorprendernos!! te dejo beso grande y abrazo!
siempre en mi corazon! aunque no pase siempre nunca te olvido ♥

" nunca dejes de brillar "



Avatar pwolman

pwolman On 26/11/2013


Avatar pattydijigov

Pattydijigov On 21/11/2013

perfect shot! all shades of the season in just one tree!

hope you're well, friend!
best wishes!

Avatar evergreen3

Evergreen3 On 21/11/2013

We are so blessed to live in such a spectacular area of the world, year-round, with a diversity of seasons, colors and beautiful sights. ( I will be at the Elks Lodge in Shelton on Dec7th to show some of my local and not so local photographs at their annual Bazaar if you are in the area!)

Avatar mad_max_2050

Mad_max_2050 On 20/11/2013

Lovely colours there Paul :)

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety On 20/11/2013

Paul, nice colors. I see you all still have plenty of green vegetation about! Our trees will probably be bare in about two weeks. The only thing we will have left is the Conifers and the cabbage in the fields!

I hope you are well.


Avatar hall2002

Hall2002 On 20/11/2013

De moins en moins vert, en automne ! ;-)


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