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Rupert Grint

Armaria que o aniversário do meu ruivo magia tá chegando...

beijos, Mara

On August 03 2014 at Alagoas, Brazil 159 Views

Avatar stars_potter

Stars_potter Goldcam On 23/08/2014

Que hermoso que es! amo sus remeras! jajaja gracias por pasarte(: saludos

Avatar lau_ribbon

Lau_ribbon On 23/08/2014

olhos lindos!!

Avatar jamescbower

Jamescbower On 22/08/2014

Amo sus ojos, esta muito bonito.

Avatar victoria_moda

Victoria_moda On 22/08/2014

Lindisimo , besoos magicos *


Avatar jackito_gaete_7

Jackito_gaete_7 On 22/08/2014


Avatar todox_rbd_08

Todox_rbd_08 On 22/08/2014

pero que potro rupert ^^
gracias x pasar,cuidate
buen viernes besos!♥

Avatar cenas_rebelde

Cenas_rebelde Goldcam On 22/08/2014

Lindoo pfvr <3

beeijooos amr

Avatar lukerobert

Lukerobert On 22/08/2014

Holaaaa!!! qe lindo fotolog u.u bueno qeria decirte que tengo un fotolog nuevo pu :c y estas en effes un beso me gustaria que te pasaras!!!

Avatar sandylaehjunior

Sandylaehjunior On 21/08/2014

Continua Lindo ..

Avatar sandylaehjunior

Sandylaehjunior On 21/08/2014

Continua Lindo ..

Avatar carlosgege26

Carlosgege26 On 21/08/2014

Todo o conhecimento humano começou com intuições, passou daí aos conceitos e terminou com ideias.

Isaac Asimov



Avatar pandora_knight

Pandora_knight On 21/08/2014

Buenas tardes , la pagina esta hermosa ! flash

Avatar carlos_gege

Carlos_gege On 21/08/2014

O conhecimento torna a alma jovem e diminui a amargura da velhice. Colhe, pois, a sabedoria. Armazena suavidade para o amanhã.

Leonardo da Vinci



Avatar lukimm1

Lukimm1 On 21/08/2014

wwowowow divino ele!!

o adoreiii!!

passe votar pleas e♥

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 21/08/2014

I think I found some one uglier than me... Except I'm still stuck in a tree. After I saw a mirror earlier yesterday morning.

At least my cat wears my laptop leash and knows how to climb very high. Except I think he's as scared of heights like I am and this tree for some reason or other seems to be still growing taller and taller. I've got to be over three miles up here. "That's why this fellow or whatever it is in the photograph looks like a microscopic dust mite and appears he is still shrinking.

"""" "Oops!" """" This isn't a tree top!! It's a dragon flying and carrying me away. " " "Aggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh

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