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Aaronaamyx On 13/10/2016

"FINE! -he can have HER" "I will just take the sand out from under their feet and put it in my car's trunk and then no one can stand on it again. Even if its a few inches both ways (wide & long). -fulguriteman -aaronamyx -reddauug -amoxenyte

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She_burns_red On 12/08/2014

Due mozzarelle!

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    Welcome on board.Metro is a groupflog dedicated to all kinds of metro shot. Architecture, stations, people in the metro, pub interactions, etc., all around the world. Please, identify the city where the picture was taken. - Metro é uma comunidade dedicada a todos os tipos de fotos de metrô. Arquitetura, estações, pessoas no metrô, interações com publicidade, etc., pelo mundo todo.

  • lomography_love


    This Fotolog group is dedicated to Lomography , toys camera and pinhole.
    Holga, Lomo Lca, Lubitel, Fish eye , Oktomat , Supersampler, Action sampler, Diana, Colorsplash, Seagull, Fed and all over toys camera .....

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