Avatar savate_pigeon


Saint-Benoit, July 2013.

On July 13 2013 at Reunion 8 Views

Digital camera : Canon / PowerShot A530

Avatar ehgram

Ehgram On 15/07/2013


it is: stands 310 metres tall and has 83 floors

Avatar stealaway

Stealaway On 14/07/2013

cool composition.

Have a great weekend !


Avatar furryfox

Furryfox On 14/07/2013

Looks delicious! I'll surely buy it when I visit Reunion! :D

Avatar squaremeals

Squaremeals On 13/07/2013

This one plays with the viewer a bit.

Avatar furryfox

Furryfox On 13/07/2013

Sugar cane! :D Do you have sugar cane drink there as well?

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