Avatar gertrudsdottir

In mijn eigen voetspoor (3)

Static and silence in Sutherland, approaching Ben Something-or-other.

On August 15 2014 at Netherlands 12 Views

Digital camera : Canon AE-1 / analog

Avatar 4ine

4ine On 23/08/2014

a bubbling landscape, exhaling clouds...


Avatar lilybulle

Lilybulle On 23/08/2014

i miss all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 18/08/2014

I also have difficulties with all these bens... and i can't help thinkin' of beans...!
travel safe and have fun, on the road that will take you here and there and to the next ben to explore!

Avatar meneer_hoeba

Meneer_hoeba On 18/08/2014

I certainly like very much the distant mountains and the white clouds above this giant blob.

Avatar luaceltafoto

Luaceltafoto On 18/08/2014

this photo remember me in Scotland years ago, what a feeling in front of such enviroment, really small, really free

Avatar birgit

Birgit On 18/08/2014

Oh, and I thought it was Ben Theoneortheother... ;)))
I am sooo loooking forward!
Love, Birgit

Avatar gertrudsdottir

gertrudsdottir On 26/08/2014

He he ... A while ago I posted an old picture of a Scottish loch on Flickr, and added the name of the loch, and then got told off by some Scots professional photographer who said it couldn't be that particular loch, but had to be some other ... but as the photo was 25+ years old I had no idea what loch it could be if it wasn't the one it said it was in my travel notes .....
The thing I learned from that is, I can't trust my own notes ;-)

See you soon, Birgit!

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