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. scène de ménage, 9 .
. projet en cours .... .

On July 15 2014 at Rhône-Alpes, France 13 Views

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Gertrudsdottir On 15/07/2014


I do not know
What dust is.
I do not know
Where it comes from.
I only know
That it settles, on things.
I cannot see it
In the air,
Or watch it fall.
Sometimes I am at home
All day,
But I never see it
Sliding about
Looking for a place to rest
When my back is turned.
Does it wait till I go out,
Or does it happen in the night
When I sleep.
Dust is not fussy
About the places
It chooses,
Though it seems
To prefer still objects.
Sometimes, out of kindness,
I let it lie for weeks.
On some places,
It will lie forever.
Dust holds no grudges,
And once removed
It will always return,
In a friendly way.

Phyllis April King

Avatar gertrudsdottir

gertrudsdottir On 15/07/2014

love your series, madame :)

Avatar 4ine

4ine On 16/07/2014

thank you !!!
and thanks for the poem ....


Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 15/07/2014

love the detial of the feet!

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