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KBS Gayo Gyeongjaeng Asiavision National final.

KBS 가요경쟁
This is how my ideal South Korean national final for Asiavision 2017 would be (The show is now named as Eurovision Asia Song Contest). In this hypotetic national final, South Korea's most important singers and bands would participate in order to represent their country in the pan asian song festival.

1 Bangtan boys: Run.
2 Exid: Hot Pink.
3 Hyuna: Roll deep.
4 Turbo: Again.
5 VIXX: Chained up.
6 AOA: Heart attack.
7 T-ARA: So crazy.
8 Beast: Yey!.
9 4MINUTE: Crazy.
10 Shinhwa: Sniper.
11 Infinite: Bad.
12 Kara: Cupid.
13 Jung Yong Hwa: One fine day.
14 Ailee: Mind your own bussiness.
15 U-KISS: Quit playing.
16 JIYEON: Never ever.
17 G.NA: Pretty lingerie.
18 STELLAR: Sting.
19 B.A.P: Young Wild & Free.
20 Girls' generation - The boys

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