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Dibs On 14/07/2015


Avatar lucy_010

Lucy_010 On 17/10/2012

([email protected])
My name is miss bleesing,I saw your profile today and became interested in you i would like you to contact me with my email address:([email protected])
so that i will give you more of my details and my photos.
blessing Mabiza your new friend,

Avatar donr

Donr On 23/08/2012

good one

Avatar mojefotografie

Mojefotografie On 01/02/2012

I like it.. I like :)

Avatar biralatas_usa

Biralatas_usa On 25/01/2012

Nunca fui a Minas.

Avatar esfantabulosa

Esfantabulosa On 02/01/2012

besitos para vos (L)
ff's ?

Avatar photomechanica

Photomechanica On 01/01/2012

Cadê o Osama?

Avatar eduardo_dacosta

Eduardo_dacosta On 01/01/2012

belíssima vista!

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    You CAN express yourself freely!

    all we ask, besides the complying to fotolog`s TOS (therefore, no hate, prejudice, etc, etc.. messages and pictures) is that you STICK to the THEME and be POLITE.

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    Pictures here could include anywhere in Lower ******** West of the Pitt River, North from the Canadian Border to the Northshore & the Mountains, Bowen Island to the Middle of the Straight of Georgia & around the corner up Howe Sound to Britannia.

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