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Siete convocatorias seguidas con un 100% de alumnos aprobados y certificados oficialmente en mi haber. No una, ni dos, sino SIETE. Eso implica muchas personas felices, satisfechas y agradecidas que no dudan en demostrarte su aprecio, which feels damn amazing. I'm a trooper of a teacher, an alpha female :D

Probably, some should pause and wonder whether they would actually be half as efficient and committed to ANYTHING at all as I am to most things in my life, before they criticize me.

Have a nice weekend :D


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In_the_eye On 26/07/2014

"I love her unconditionally. I have never given up on our relationship. It's not constant, sometimes I just can't stand her. Years have gone by without me even wanting to talk to her. But I love and respect her immensely. Most motherfuckers don't even step two inches out of their doors, yet they sit in deep judgement of those who go through hell and back. She's the strongest person I've known".

Billy Corgan on Courtney Love.

(Holy shit. Beautiful.)

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Koanzen On 25/07/2014


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in_the_eye On 25/07/2014


Tienes clase, chaval :D

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