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Bird Cave - Is one of my most favorite creations and is closer;

to my better creations that isn't showing at the time on the internet. But then recently. I thought of some newer styles and paintings I want to work on with actual canvas and wooden materials.

Shortly I am going to set up a side street store at a pacific location. But not until my twin brother's fleet has come in to raise hundreds to thousands of our true valued creators on earth.

Then I'm going to show colors man didn't know was possible to see. Great!! Now a flipping flying saucer is following me from key to key.

"""'I'm sorry""" That's my coffee cup and plate creating the shadows as I sip and type.

Galaxy Meteorite GM Foto foto art by AAA amoxenyte reddauug fire & knife art dress and bless it be swollow tails and cookie feet

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Drawing_aloud On 05/08/2014

I feel myself covered and protected
but at the same time.. having a lot of things to observe and think about

a special world

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