Avatar gertrudsdottir

7 days on the island - day 4

Niet ging opeens de wind voorbij die van elders kwam en op weg was naar elders.

Not did suddenly pass the wind that coming from elsewhere was on its way to elsewhere.

Jeroen Brouwers, Bezonken rood | Sunken Red

foam algae Noordzee schuimalg Vlieland

On July 01 2014 at Netherlands 8 Views

Digital camera : Pentax KX / analog

Avatar islenska

Islenska On 02/07/2014

castaway clouds on the beach

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 02/07/2014

i'm worried about all that foam.... is it natural one? looks like something poisonous! or maybe it's just the effect of the photo! it seems almost solid... strange effect also about the shape of it... looks like a solid cloud on earth!
here there is a lot of light as well but we also have an exceptionally cold summer (not more than 20°C, I'm happy! ;)) with loads of storms and rains... We only had a hot-hot week when AA and ML were visiting here... Everything good, I also mis my long mountain walks.
I still have to think of the book to take with me to Scotland, this year I seem unable to find the right one...

Avatar gertrudsdottir

gertrudsdottir On 05/07/2014

Phaeocystis globosa (a kind of phytoplankton) becomes foam as it is stirred & shaken by the waves. It is not pollution.


Avatar elkstar

elkstar On 05/07/2014

thanks for the explanation... I am relieved:)

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