Avatar elkstar

peeping into new worlds

Not egil, Fort La Latte - October 2008

On August 30 2013 at Piemonte, Italy 14 Views

Digital camera : Analog: Canon / Eos 100

Avatar 4ine

4ine On 01/09/2013

héhé !
the perfect rat hole !


Avatar donr

Donr On 31/08/2013

great picture

Avatar pwolman

Pwolman On 31/08/2013

Heh heh! Thank you for your note, Eli dear. You'll have to tell me about the Schwarzwald; I'll look forward to photos, too! Hugs from far-away Seattle. --P.

Avatar gertrudsdottir

Gertrudsdottir On 30/08/2013

the curious come when least expected

GerMeet started one week ago .... how time flies! still working hard, hard, hard - one more month to go, then I'll be having buckets of time

Avatar mrsun_anyway

Mrsun_anyway On 30/08/2013

Seems to be very eager about the sight!

Avatar lizziebizzi

Lizziebizzi On 30/08/2013

... and about to jump into them

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