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Jamie:You know this life is short, You wake up one day, and from that day all the dreams...and everything you wish for anyone and gone just like that..you know.. people get old and...you know things change and...and situations change what I want is just I...I want this moment right now, this day...my feelings for you the way you look right now when I look at you I just want this last very very long.

ERW:Well, no matter what we've already know we really had each,other and nothing can change that but I just want you know no matter,what way you always have somebody here for you,I always. I'm never, gonna leave you, I'm never gonna leave you I love you.Don't ever leave me.

Hermoso video con estos dos tan jovenes,hermosa cancion,tremenda banda.


On May 18 2014 at North Carolina, United States 17 Views

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