Avatar wolly_worm

Wolly_worm On 21/05/2013

Spectacular !

Thanks for your comment,

Bests !

Avatar pseudokane3_5

Pseudokane3_5 On 20/05/2013

Great collage!

No, I didn1t recognize her! (laughs)

That image in my flog was a picture of a great brazilian animated short movie.

Thanks for the comment!


Avatar reddauug

reddauug On 22/05/2013

she is wearing a black and white top and holding a stuffed toy panda bear in another image out there somewhere on fotolog. I took a photo of the image to alter it only. Then I just removed her left arm just a few hours ago to make chest clearer. So I can put more things in it. ...Blankets & all Sorts of other things, you know. ;O) Anyway I'll list it shortly on another blg site. Probably Google... They been after me for a little whil, but they don't push at it much. That crazy adobie paint company has been pestering me som awfully bad lately... I read their policy & rules _ _ _ and they just want rights to use everything I produce for a year or longer. I'm not into that much anymore unless I can make some money at it.... And I'm not making much of amything anyhow. I just wished I could. I sent over thousands of free samples to street addresses since 96' and not one has proved to me they can be trusted. ''Well there use to be a few. But they changed on me. ''Shipwreck Beads in Washington can just sink & disappear -as far as I'm concerned. They sent me a check for a dozen beads GM beads I made. Then afer they ran out they said they didn't want any more.'' Two others, just ddn't understand why I wanted to sell to them. They said they would rather me quit and put up with life. So after they sold two dz of an idea of mine calld ''Alien Poop & Scrubbrush in 1'' (gm), They were heavily attacked by cyberpunks - that had also attacked me in funnier ways in the past.

Avatar coldprince

Coldprince On 20/05/2013



and i love beer.

Avatar reddauug

reddauug On 22/05/2013

Thank you - I’m down w/some sickness at the moment so I cannot write for very long.
Years ago.. i'm picked up a libray book and right after opening it I suddenly felt a surge go through me as i was looking at a picture of a stone age ice pick and immediately i went to my garage, got on a bicycle and rode off to a site where bull dozers were moving ground away to build a new school building in 1978, in a small town in Texas. After arriving I stopped to take a break. And to my amazement! There, fifteen feet away was the same-looking sort of flint tool. and from there on.... I knew something was going to happen to me in a positive way. of course, only after years of agony, defeat, more agony, working 481 jobs thru temporary services in Utah and doing work elsewhere. To also breaking pain-barerior's and suffering from bad doctors messing with my health sooo-much that all this seems unreal today. Like I'm becoming breathless, day in, day out. ''I wish I knew why? It's scarring the crap out of me and wrecking my balance. And the only friend I thought I could trust, his wife told a story about me in a bad way behind my back, as if she justs wants me to be their family heirloom. ''There's a few others I can rely on, but I'm feeling like they may not be to trustworthy as well. Due to other complications and risks I have to take. Once in a great while. I got to klay back down. Sorry I cannot talk more....

Avatar reddauug

Reddauug On 20/05/2013

If anyone wants this in their flash - just poke at flash button. For me to change one of your images just ask. I just take a picture of what you put up or already have up.... if you would like.

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