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Rubin - Sweden 2011

My first CAS productions with GOUGE and JEKS and my last piece before heading back to NYC after almost two months in Sweden. Gouge came up with the idea of doing a differen ind of Western theme. A Sheriff buried in chains among skulls and snakes with the cross going through his head!

If you also take a closer look to my work in Sweden this summer, you'll notice they all have one thing in common. I managed to stick to my own promise of having a grey background on every single piece. Maybe a little bit boring but I like routines, less thinking and much easier :)

We also borrowed some lyrics from the Black Sabbath song "Dirty Women" from the very underated album "Techinal Ectasy".

The sleepy city is dreaming the night away....

See the whole wall at www.rubin415.com.

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Bams_bk_tro On 07/11/2011


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P1kes_ec On 21/10/2011

buenisimo trabajo kuidec y dec un rool a mi flog

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Lustigkurre On 20/10/2011

Riktigt jävla bra!

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Zyeoneakadaqeone On 20/10/2011

Skitnajs! sjukt att du kört grå bakgrund hela året!

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Call911lille On 20/10/2011

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08rt On 20/10/2011


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Wytoner On 19/10/2011

great piece broh!!


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