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The Geode cinema

Taken from a distance this photo gives a feel for just how large The Geode actually is in comparison to the buildings and steps seen in front of it.

More information and details at www.eutouring.com/images_the_geode.html

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On May 29 2015 at Paris, Île-de-France, France 451 Views

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Amoxenyte On 09/06/2015

I am going to try to build a new type of unique dome myself.

We get over five hundred jets flying overhead in a good month due to where my property sits. So advertising my works will be interesting shortly. ....If I succeed!

I live between Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles California and in between Las Vegas NV and Yellowstone WY. And Olympia WA and Santa Fe NM.

I even see many passenger jets fly directly over my home a day.

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