Avatar ariesleo6449

A nice beach resort in my hometown, borongan eastern samar......

On August 31 2013 at Philippines 406 Views

Avatar amoxenyte

Amoxenyte On 30/09/2014

How did that set of clouds know I was so sleepy-headed??? It even looks like me ;o)

Avatar albamar4k

Albamar4k On 02/09/2013

Wow excellent view!! Keep up the good work bff you have a good coach hahaha all my prayers and God bless

Avatar lopezgym

Lopezgym On 01/09/2013

Lovely and breathtaking view!! Thanks lovely janeth!

Avatar mavicgold

Mavicgold On 01/09/2013


Avatar shielamariesphil

Shielamariesphil On 01/09/2013

Stress relieving view!! Lets go there friend this coming summer?? Your son love the beaches there right?? Gusto din ng mga bata. Take care friend!

Avatar kevincornista

Kevincornista On 31/08/2013

Excellent view cuz!!

Avatar janren12

Janren12 On 31/08/2013

The place where i enjoyed swimming with classmates from bethel. So clean and clear. Nanay i know photography is not your passion but please continue this to keep you busy always and forget the boredome and loneliness at home hehehe. Take care you and tatay

Avatar ganzjordan72

Ganzjordan72 On 31/08/2013

This is it my dear sis! I will have two comments and flash everyday with you and jan hehehe!! You are both inspired i like it!! Goodluck to both of you!

Avatar karlbenitez

Karlbenitez On 31/08/2013

Nicely done!!!!

Avatar aikagarcia

Aikagarcia On 31/08/2013

I thought its dr jans picture hehehe extremely beautiful!! Keep it up friend!! I know you have a coach hahaha regards to you both

Avatar aprilrose46

Aprilrose46 On 31/08/2013

Wow!! My favorite beach!! Thanks for sharing friend and by the influence of your bf you did this hahsha!! Waiting for the comment of your number 1 critic!!! He will know what kind of picture you shared haha but for me this is perfect!!! Hmm miss u

Avatar danielle69

Danielle69 On 31/08/2013

Very impressive view janeth!! Im proud that our beaches are well maintained and free from pollution!! Thanks for sharing!! Hehe im confused i commented in broloro which was for you!! You are inspired by him!!

Avatar charmaineasilo

Charmaineasilo On 31/08/2013

Lovely site

Avatar amarialilia42

Amarialilia42 On 31/08/2013

Very beautiful beach maam i like it!!

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