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When i say i kill my feelings i dont mean it in a Fucking-blow-their-brains-out kinda way. When my feelings bother me i push them under water look the other way and hold them there until they dont kick anymore. Then i put them on the box... no, not the rage box, we dont open that, stay away from it... as i was saying: ... the dead-things-we-not-worry-about-anymore-box... yes, im making the names on the way and no, you cannot look at the dead things, nor touch them, nor bring them back, they are there for a reason. What reason you say? We sacrifice them, because that was the only real power we had to control the pain. That still is the only real power we have. So far we never convinced anyone we are worth of sacrificing other things or people or feelings for our sake, no... we are the sacrifice, the mistake, the false hope, the dissapointment, the failure... We are the ones always left behind, forgotten, mocked, dissmised, dissrespected... and they were always right, as you might suspect at this point, in choosing so. We are rotten, weak, insignificant, just dead weight... you dont love dead wieght... you cut yourself free from it and watch it sink and keep going with your life... just... just... as we did with her... we forsake her, and she sunk like a fucking rock... and i will never, never, never forgive you for that...

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Sad_rembrandt On 24/05/2015

i`m sorry, i got carried away... as i was saying, nobody is going to make any dramatic sacrifices for us... at least we shouldnt expect it... so we do what we have power to do, to calm the pain. We kill the feelings for things we do not control and we focus on hte things that provide happiness that depend on us... We havent forgotten how to enjoy the summer rain, we just know it doesnt last...

Winter is always coming...


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