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Teleserie "Matriarcas" Denise Como : Sandra Bravo

Fotos exclusivas de Denise Rosenthal En matriarcas , la cual ella interpreta a Sandra Bravo.

~ Dance - Denise Rosenthal ♫

Dance tonight this place (No piense Mas)
Dance ie ie ie... (Todo el mundo)
Dance ven a bailar (no heches pa´ atrás)
Live you life it´s allrigth

Come on Dance
Solo baila no digas que no
Forget stress
Feeling we don't body sing you soul
You wanna play
Do you want to give you man of great?
Oeoeho ho oeoeoha ... ~♫

~ Denise Rosenthal Video "Matriarcas"
Link del video: [ http://www.tvn.cl/teleseries/matriarcas/ ] ~

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Dance- Denise Rosenthal:

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Denise Rosenthal

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