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So the bitch thinks she can handle me, But life is like this, and people like her I've already seen and I know how this ends, Women like her doesn't last with guys like Him. I'll have to respect that the bitch is his choice and in time, he will find out everything and every trash about her, and that she wasn't as nice as her mother thought she was when came into this guy's life asking His number to her "bad bitch" daughter. Kiss my ass, bitch L. A.
J, remember when I told you She might even be better than me and that you could go for her? I was wrong, she's not and won't ever come close to the great woman I am and You know who I am. Just keep dreaming. And in case, just in case, you are controlled by her somehow, I'm sorry for you but I don't have to know her at all to see the kind of person she is. But what conforts me is: things that are meant to be they just will be!
for now, go around with all these wrong girls...

On August 18 2014 at Santa Cruz, Argentina 115 Views

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