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See the Light

I been waiting at this frontier
And it seems like a hundred years,
But I couldn't see past the gate.
I couldn't see past the hate.
Now I'm coming back to my senses.
I can see a light past the fences,
Standing at the borderline.
I've come to the end of the line.

Will-power, give me some to survive.
One more hour and I'm coming alive.
I can see the light.

And there's blue sky breaking
Through the edge of the night.
I can see the light.
Ooh, I can feel the light.
Whoa-whoa! whoa-whoa!

The most precious thing I possess
Is knowing the answer's yes,
And soon my liberty
Will be a reality.
I've been given a second chance.
I could open my arms and dance.
Open that barricade.
No longer I'm living afraid.

Will-power, give me some to survive.
One more hour and I'm coming alive.
I can see the light.

Now I climb the steps to freedom.
The open gates, I can see them.
Hands that I once knew
Beckoning me through.
As the sunlight touch my face,
I can feel the warm embrace.
Arms surround me.
My life has found me.

(Mike Oldfield)

On September 22 2014 at Río Negro, Argentina 10 Views

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