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now I mean I can't I get a lot more than the average person and you can do a lot more than the average person but I think I'm have a guy come in this slightly overweight and we'll sensitive spices in the I stay away from that type stuff you know I'm depends on his car to his game and house Chinese actually don't I prefer people do they train first an angle to the car your cut you can burn the fat little faster for so if you do everything right you can see how the spices you can have lower other companies and their before you ghetto the showT-Rex Muscle if you like six weeks away cut some stuff out that way but it will grow and you get a lot tighter nasal trying to do but would you say like regardless serve what type shape you're in you should alwayT-Rex Muscle s stay away from Mike the breads the pastors the potatoes the white rice or a mass amount of those things in the beginning understand you got to put those things in and get some size on your body so you have some to work with now if you have that when you start working at same point be and should be a point a you never

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