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To effectively distribute your press release, you have to make sure that your press release is perfectly formatted first.Distributing your press releases to journalists or to your email list will still be given a lot of attention so understand that there are expectations that you have to fulfil.Making mistakes with the expectations and proper format set for a press release might make your audience a bit confused and this can affect your credibility.Following this checklist will help you to plan and execute your press release perfectlyA Prevailing Headline - You would want something that will be noticed by the people.Having an influential headline that is related to the body of the press release will help significantly well.The eye catching headline must be followed by an equally strong subheading which supports what the headline has got to say then the first paragraph.Persuasive First Paragraph - If you would like people to understand your cause and your reasons for your press release, you should state all the information in this paragraph.Your press release will not have any support if you would not give proper information to this first paragraph - the most important part of the press release.The content of your press release should be understood by people so letting them know your identity can be crucial too.No Slang or Jargon -


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