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Backstage either cramping up

Backstage either cramping up because but they ‘redoing is a try get themselves trapped in a end up taking diuretics stay Fire X which I never do they lose althea water your skin looks really tightened their grip a lot of times a day after show they start drinking and heating up blow up like a balloon I think a lot of that knowledge I learned from dying was me reading books I try to get as many books as I can undying and I get books handbooks up the nutritional contents have food here has a listing is all different foods tell you exactly how many calories crabs fats sodium Enduros Testo Booster and I read all kinds of books on nutrition you know anything to do with nutrition or supplementation I read about and I think that's helped me out a lotion my dining and just me experimenting with my body I've learn what works formed the skinners so much left on it using this is the place we hold water because with gravity and other the water usually goes.
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