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Full spectrum on the UVA rays I it does cover for you it does cover about you know a little under half on the UVA spectrum but that leaves the other now over fifty percent and the UVAspectrum that is I have no coverage for so I have stopped using this and I'm don't recommend this product anymore there is a sister product to this that is not tinted that does contained contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and that one does provide full bronze factor real broad spectrum Opuderm Premium Skin Care UVA and u-pub coverage and that when I do recommend start looking for an Delia’s product don’t use the tinted one use the Huntington 1 it's called mineral50 but since then as I just mentioned I distill hi best and worst testing mineral sunscreens video and so now the winner of that one for me was the exuberance sheer daily protectors this is the sunscreen on using now and thesis a full broad spectrum uh SPF 50 PA+++ plus and on what the PA plus is it’s a measure on UVA protection so the STF is and measure art UV protection only and here in the United States we don’t really have standardized measurement for Overprotection broad 3.


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