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The same thing followed the bottom part done up to the media line and then you just will hear this layer a game and put it back so for now that's it let's leave the weekend like this and let's leave the details for later now D’Amato over and you're going to 70-346 dote same thing here on this side %uh done the should look like this all game now let's make the day-long full just hope the year one of the remaining left way this and well you're going to obey your like bid to do based okay and it's going to be at like this bold this side of the paper up to his me to lie I can do the same thing here on the other side now unfold here both sides F fold up for RG along this line here about this food is exactly it in the same as when you make it to 'me crane so it's well it's not difficult to me okay so .

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