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I went and they had asset of the gas and stuff

I went and they had asset of the gas and stuff yet so I went I completely cast lists round and the turned off and then the medical fight five-second had to come mascot I think I had to stay like my social security number last no se I was back of the house into anything also he has a kitty me so the gas chamber was not for me my personal experience not bad an outcast record again but I did hear for the gas mask on felt like I wagons suffocate back so out with yeah I was nervous how a video on as out and get them know by get ass out for dummies figure always suck at for it was now I'm and pressure my skills such as that some up Russia on you very basic skills things that you learn mike night 10 freely never has to know again don’t be like me have his ass up three times and men on scarf the air force's like 50 for the ass out but I heard someone say summer fears and I consider you know how about six young ass out is absolutely ridiculous sometimes I 52asap .

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