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Called at the church what Paul

Called at the church what Paul calls the body of Christ recalled to be the same mind to be at the same purpose were called to get our minds right and were called to look at the gifts that we've been given by God how we can combine them to be about God's purpose in the world which is to lift up the cross to share the good news about Jesus but we know we can get a room for people together let alone a church for people together without having some Enduros Testo Booster disagreements about what we should be dealing or who should lead which partner who should use which group where it so it begs the question how do we find a place within the body of Christ how do we fit in the body price when things don't go our way we don’t get what we want and you might be thinking today well all around us all well and good but I’m nominating committee me if you want to be weakened by find your number I'm not on a committee our I don't care about the politics in the search either come to worshiper are and if the visitor today so why does this matter but to be honest what we're talking about how we how we function within the body of .
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